Ascend Youth Conference

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Check out why we are doing this . . .

Not a normal youth conference -


We are planning a life-changing event for youth and young adults that focuses more on sacrifice than anything else.

While everyone is welcome to join in, we are gearing up for ages 12-30.

May 4th : 8 pm

May 5th : 6 pm

Location: Austin First Church

Registration: Fasting Friday, May 4th (water only).

We want this generation of young people to experience the difference between entertaining ourselves and sacrificing ourselves for God!

We know that youth meetings are typically designed to appeal to young people, and that is a great idea, but like anything, if we are not careful, we can cross a line is more about getting something, than giving something. Worship is not about getting at all . . .

"After 11 years of developing youth and sending them into ministry, as well as being on two different District Youth Committees and leading the Texas Youth Choir, we have personally seen the new entertainment styled youth services not provide the depth that produces chain-breaking, life-altering moments. We believe this generation needs to know the difference between a move of God and a move of men" - Kurt and Lori Green

Don't Expect -

Fancy Flashing Lights, Lasers, Smoke, Eye-Popping Stage Design, Free Giveaways, or even a "Fun Event" after service

Expect -

A Deep Move of God, Powerful Anointing, The Gifts of the Spirit, a "Prayer Meeting" after service.

We are saving the time and money it would normally take to make this youth conference "appealing" to our five senses, and simply requesting you fast all day Friday before the services. Wake up, drink water only, and don't eat until after God is done with you Friday night!

If someone wants to come and was not informed about the fasting, we understand and welcome them, if they will agree to fast Saturday.

We realize that some will not want to come until they hear about what has happened this year, but we also realize that those who are hungry will be filled. Come see for yourself what sacrifice will do!

If you plan to come, register below: